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Rachel Roberts-Galbraith

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Assistant Professor

Our lab mission is to cultivate an inclusive, collaborative community of scientists to define mechanisms driving robust regeneration in the planarian model.

Our primary areas of research focus are: 1) investigating cellular and molecular players in brain regeneration; 2) understanding interactions between glia and neurons in the context of regeneration; and 3) discovering signals important for activation and coordination of cells—particularly stem cells—in regeneration. Our goal is to discover foundational themes and even specific pathways that might one day be leveraged to improve regenerative therapies.


Please see our lab website ( for more details.


Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt University (2010)

B.S. in Biology, Emory University (2003

Medlock-Lanier T*, Clay KB*, and Roberts-Galbraith RH. (2023) Planarian LDB and SSDP proteins scaffold transcriptional complexes for regeneration and patterning. Preprint at bioRxiv and in revision. *Authors contributed equally.

 Chandra B, Voas MG, Davies EL, and Roberts-Galbraith RH. (2023) Ets-1 transcription factor regulates glial cell regeneration and function in planarians. Development.

 Jenkins JE and Roberts-Galbraith RH. (2023) Heterotrimeric G proteins regulate planarian regeneration and behavior. Genetics.

 Roberts-Galbraith RH. (2022) RNAi screening to assess tissue regeneration in planarians. Methods in Molecular Biology: Whole Body Regeneration.

 Stelman CR, Smith BM, Chandra B, and Roberts-Galbraith RH (2021). CBP/p300 orthologs CBP2 and CBP3 play distinct roles in planarian stem cell function. Developmental Biology.

 Roberts-Galbraith R (2020). Guide cells help navigate axon regeneration (Perspective). Science. DOI: 10.1126/science.abc8066

Roberts-Galbraith RH, Brubacher JL, and Newmark PA. (2016). A functional genomics screen in planarians reveals regulators of whole-brain regeneration.  Elife.  pii: e17002.

Ong TH, Romanova EV, Roberts-Galbraith RH, Yang N, Zimmerman TA, Collins JJ 3rd, Lee JE, Kelleher NL, Newmark PA, and Sweedler JV. (2016). Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Identification of Peptides Associated with Cephalic Ganglia Regeneration in Schmidtea mediterranea. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 291(15):8109-20.

Roberts-Galbraith RH and Newmark PA.  (2015) On the organ trail: insights into organ regeneration in the planarian.  Current Opinion in Genetics and Development.  32:37-46.

Roberts-Galbraith RH and Newmark PA.  (2013) Follistatin antagonizes activin signaling and acts with notum to direct planarian head regeneration.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  110(4):1363-8.    




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