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Co-Director of Center for Ultrastructural Research

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152 Barrow Hall
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In my role as Co-Director of the Center for Ultrastructural Research I assist researchers, students and various commercial clients in imaging and data acquisition using the instrumentation at the Center. We train and help those requiring TEM, SEM, confocal and other microscopies as well as advise in experimental design and development in the areas of imaging. I have experience in a wide range of scientific arenas, which allows me to help with a variety of problems. I also have personnel at the Center that assist and advise in the areas of nanotechnology and physical sciences. My expertise is primarily in the biological sciences with a background in mycology, plant science, plant pathology, environmental testing, ecology, and entomology. In the past I have worked as a geologic assistant, draftsman, corporate liaison for an environmental testing firm, and a postdoctoral in plant pathology.

I teach a course in imaging (typically held every fall semester) and guest lecture on imaging and data acquisition, experimental design, and promote the use of the Center for several different departments on campus.

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