Dr. Grace Thomas, during her long service to the University of Georgia, placed the education and welfare of undergraduates above her many other duties and responsibilities to the benefit of students and also the department as a whole. The Grace Thomas Award was created to acknowledge Dr. Thomas' efforts by recognizing annually the accomplishments of an outstanding undergraduate in what is now the department of Cellular Biology. The recipient of the award is expected to have excelled in several areas associated within the discipline, including classroom, seminar, and research performance.

Listed below are the past winners of this prestigous award.
1988 Christopher J. McKenzie 
1989 Patrick Abbot 
1990 S. Rebecca Yeomans 
1991 Nancy E. McIntyre 
1992 Robin Ann Kundra 
1993 Kristin Costley 
1994 Shawn H. Turk 
1996 Robert C. Cartwright 
1997 William J. Kaiser 
1998 Brandon R. Clements 
1999 Ryan C. Arata 
2000 Mihir M. Kamdar 
2001 Benjamin Tanner 
2002 John H. Woodruff 
2003 Katherine Williams 
2004 Nwakaso Umejiego 
2005 Ashley E. Owen 
2006 Dustin Williams 
2007 David Burke
2008 Jessica Bryant
2009 Nisha Gupta
2010 L. Megan Beers
2011 M. Logan Davis
2012 Michael S. Burel
2013 David L. Owen
2014 Marianne M. Ligon
2015 Lina Tibavinsky