Dr. Edward Kipreos was featured in an episode of Super Human Radio, a broadcast radio show dedicated to fitness, health, and anti-aging. He discussed his lab’s research on folates (B-complex vitamins) acting as signaling molecules to promote stem cell proliferation.

The lab's discovery was recently published in Developmental Cell.

A podcast of the interview can be heard at the link below. The segment with Dr. Kipreos starts ‪at 1:01 in the podcast.

Dr. DeLoris Hesse has received a Textbook Transformation Award from Affordable Learning Georgia for her efforts in adopting and creating open educational resources for students.

Special thanks to Graduate Coordinator Scott Dougan, who participated in the Athens-Savannah 2016 Double Century bike ride, riding a total of 210 miles over 2 days! Individuals in the department were given the opportunity to make pledges on his ride, and $685 dollars was raised to go to the Cellular Biology Graduate Student Association. The CBGSA plans to use the money they raised to buy graduation gowns and regalia that can be borrowed by program graduates who don’t wish to buy their own.