Dr. Rick Tarleton, Distinguished Research Professor and University of Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Biological Sciences, has been named Regents' Professor. This is an honor conferred on one faculty member in the university each year.

Regents' Professorships are bestowed by the University System of Georgia's Board of Regents on faculty members whose scholarship is recognized nationally and internationally as innovative and forerunning.

Aaron Harris, from Dr. Karl Lechtreck’s Lab, has received the 2017 Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award, acknowledging excellence and dedication in student teaching. This is the highest honor that the University awards to Graduate Student Teaching Assistants, recognizing an outstanding contribution to the instructional mission of the University. Aaron says,  “I am very thankful to all of those in the department that have supported and encouraged me along the way.

A group of researchers, led by Dr. Kojo Mensa-Wilmot, are working to find the fastest way possible to treat and cure human African trypanosomiasis, long referred to as sleeping sickness. Human African trypanosomiasis is a tropical disease sub-Saharan Africa. Poor rural populations that depend on agriculture or hunting are the most exposed to the disease. Existing diagnosis and treatment regimens are complex, and are especially challenging to manage in poverty-stricken regions.