A Toxoplasma gondii parasite with cytosolic Green fluorescent protein and the mitochondrial red fluorescent marker.

Dr. Silvia Moreno and her research team at the University of Georgia’s Center for Tropical & Emerging Global Diseases and Department of Cellular Biology are providing evidence that it is possible to develop a drug combination to target Toxoplasmosis that synergistically inhibits both host and parasite enzymes.

Dr. Kojo Mensa-Wilmot

The National Institutes of Health has awarded $2.6 million to University of Georgia researcher, Dr. Kojo Mensa-Wilmot, and his team to advance new drugs to treat African Trypanosomiasis, also known as HAT or African sleeping sickness.

The UGA-led team has developed a drug that has cured HAT in mice. "HAT is a disease of poverty,” says Dr. Mensa-Wilmot, ”so there is little incentive, understandably, for large pharmaceutical industries to be heavily invested.”

Ashley Rasys, form the James Lauderdale Lab, has been selected to receive the 2017-2018 ARCS Foundation Award.

The ARCS® Foundation, Inc. is a national organization committed to advancing science through supporting young American scholars.  These awards go to promising students who are pursuing degrees in science, engineering, and medical research.