Tuesday, June 3, 2014

UGA has a long history of conducting groundbreaking health and medical research. From behavioral health to advanced stem cell therapy, UGA researchers are on the front lines of the fight against obesity, diabetes, and infectious diseases. Faculty members are leaders in biological research, contributing to the development of new diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and cures.

University of Georgia biomedical scientists work to understand the factors that contribute to disease emergence in order to better anticipate and prevent infectious diseases. They develop new countermeasures to diagnose, control, eliminate, treat and prevent both existing and emerging infectious diseases.

Researchers are developing a combined approach of both the cells needed to restore damaged areas and using these cells to discover new compounds to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s. A central goal of UGA researchers is to connect, inform and educate the research and non-research communities about stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Faculty members are devoted to the progression and training of upcoming scientists and researchers.

For more information about UGA’s health sciences faculty, see http://biomed.uga.edu/directory/.