A new study from University of Georgia cell biologists analyzes the transport system that builds cell organelles called cilia.

Professor Roberto Docampo has been awarded Argentina’s RAICES [ROOTS] Prize, an award established to recognize Argentinian born scientists working abroad who have promoted ties that strengthen science and technology initiatives in Argentina.

Ciro Cordeiro, a graduate student in the Docampo Lab in the University of Georgia Cellular Biology Department has been awarded a short-term fellowship from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) to visit the University College London,

Big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Portland are well-known big-ticket food towns, however, exciting culinary developments are putting Athens on the map.

An article posted on Yahoo!News on March 5, 2013 by Vonda J. Sines describes research on impulsive eating being performed by Dr. Ping Shen. 

Congratulations to Dr. Katherine ("Kat") Verbist for winning the 2013 Excellence in Research by Graduate Students Award from the Graduate School. This award is worth $1,000, and she will be honored with other recipients at a banquet in April.

Few drugs have been developed to treat African trypanosomiasis, or sleeping sickness, and those in use are highly toxic, sometimes causing painful side effects and or death.

Boris Striepen in his lab

Long ago, when life on Earth was in its infancy, a group of small single-celled algae propelled themselves through the vast prehistoric ocean by beating whip like tails called flagella.

Rick Tarleton in his lab

Researchers at the University of Georgia will soon begin a study designed to identify new ways of determining treatment efficacy in Chagas disease, a potentially fatal tropical disease that infects approximately 8 million people worldwide.